Who We Are

The Elephant is for you and me. Designed for 21st-century men and women who live in a world of rushed lives, stressful jobs, changing careers and relocation from towns, cities or even countries. 

The Elephant enables us to give time to ourselves.

We like to travel and explore new places, different cultures and expand our horizons. We like to live a full life with all it has to give us and grow in that process. 

Do you need fresh air? Come and join us. Come and meet new people, explore a new country, savour new cultures, taste new flavours, laugh with new friends, relax and have fun, and in the end, you will understand that not just the flowers bloom….

What is...

...The Elephant...

The quest that everyone has about themselves.
The search for answers.


The ‘Who am I?’

The ‘What is my purpose here?’

These questions lead us on a spiritual path.

17 years in the corporate and business world failed to answer these questions for Felipe. So he resigned from that life and joined a volunteer program which leads him to small-town south of Lisbon, Portugal.
On a similar spiritual quest, Vania had left behind her International nursing career and returned to her native Portugal in the same small-town south of Lisbon. Here she was managing a small guest house and was focused on enriching the lives of others through her yoga.
This is how they met. This is how their story began. This is how The Elephant was created.
Both Felipe and Vania realized that they were looking for the same ideals. The same things. Their personal quests were similar. Together they envisioned a concept.
The Elephant became the symbol of this concept. His strength and wisdom. His tenderness and companionship. The unity and loyalty he encompasses. In many cultures, the Elephant is seen as a symbol of prosperity and positive energy.

The Elephant. The symbol for the beginning of a life project. From Felipe and Vania to the world. To those who are also looking for answers.
Felipe and Vania’s wish upon creating The Elephant is to inspire others to change physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. They want to share their passions, their beliefs and their knowledge with those who wish to receive it.

Vania Chavarria

Originally from Portugal Vania always had an inside calling for health and healing. She started her career as a Nurse at home and abroad. Yoga has been present in her life for quite some time and became more intense after her journey in India where she undertook her training with her Masters. Then she left her nursing career to dedicate herself to this millenary practice. She also is a Reiki therapist. Nowadays she teaches and organizes Yoga retreats. She is also co-founder of "Yoga Where You Go".


Born in Porto Portugal, Yoga is her biggest passion. She had her first contact with Yoga in 2009 with Swasthya Yoga (The Rose Method). Ever since she felt she had found her tribe and her path. She has dedicated her time to her practice, where she gradually evolves her body and energy. Through her training in Swasthya and Hatha Yoga Ana found her life's' mission: to share with her students her philosophy and to lead them to explore themselves completely.


Daniela Carneiro originally from Portugal, she is a soul surfer and an outdoor lover! Her passion for Surf made her change her life. She used to work as an Environmental Engineer, and in 2013 she decided to quit her job and start a trip to explore some of the most amazing places to surf like Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico, and Brazil. While traveling, she discovered a passion for photography. She graduated as a surf instructor and since then she has been working as a photographer and a surf instructor, she is also a co-founder of the Truck Surf Hotel.


Sineide Cisotto Netto, known as Prema (divine love) is Brazilian, dropped the career in the financial market to work with alternative therapies 20 years ago. She owns ZAGIMERIS Alternative Therapy Center in Curitiba, she is Master in Reiki, her work includes Saint Michael Archangel Tadionic table, Osatoshi Therapies, Karma cleansing and many other techniques that are able to trauma healing, chakras balancing and spiritual cleansing.


Originally from Brazil, Zezito Duarte the “Águia Azul” (Blue Eagle or Tatsu) pioneer for all of South America, dedicated to the healing wheel and the teachings from the Chrystal Beings since 1981. He also practices Sweet Medicine and Wachuma since 1986. From 2000 he started teaching and practicing Ayuaska and Kambô. He dedicates his life work to the work with agroecology and agroforest. He performs many types of ceremonies such as Inipi (Sweat Lodge), Chrystal mandala and 7 arrows.

Marli Duarte, mother, born within a strong Afro-Brazilian tradition she celebrates rituals and ceremonies using the native medicines Cherokee and African. She also celebrates Shamanic systemic constellations using music as an instrument of healing. She performs an energetic massage using sounds and crystals. She administrates Pousada Fazenda Riachinho together with Zézito Duarte where she also produces special coffees.

Eduardo Ribeiro originally from Portugal since young age sea sports was his passion, so he became a surfer and a longboarder athlete. For the last 13 years, he was on the road surfing in different places and participating in competitions. Teaching water sports is his passion. He became a kitesurf instructor and a surf head coach. He is also a co-founder of the Truck Surf Hotel, which he designed from scratch.  For him, every single road trip is magical by itself and he would like to have the opportunity to share this lifestyle with you.